Plum and Apple Jam

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I’ve made the first batch of the season already.  The plums are rotting before they are ripening properly.. probably because of the rather damp weather we’ve been experiencing! However, not all is lost.  Eden Valley Hospice will benefit from any sales of this product. It’s been tested … and have been assured it’s ok!!!

Family Fun

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Enjoying a family breakfast in the camping barn.  Weatherproof camping at it’s best.  Why not come and try it for yourselves?

We are having rather mixed weather at the moment (typical British summer sort of weather) but don’t be put off.  The waterfalls are amazing and when it’s really rather too damp to venture out the local museums are wonderful. You can see the biggest pencil in the world in Keswick!

The restoration continues

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Huge thanks to all concerned who have enabled us to continue with the restoration of our precious landscape.  We have lovely walls and gates.  The fencing job continues as does the gravel removal…. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Welcome home Dippers

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It’s wonderful to have the dippers nesting again under the bridge.  They have nested under our bridge for as long as I have lived here and we feared that last year’s disruption would have disturbed them…  Fortunately they seem to like the new bridge as much as we do.

Thank you

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The end of a busy third week of being fully open again.. Thank you everyone for coming back and welcome new customers too. Thank you also to  Heather for not only painting our new sign but hanging it too!


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We have had a cancellation for the week of 8th April… Please contact me if you would like to come and stay.

Bottle feeding lambs is always a possibility!!!

Spring lambs

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It’s that time of the year again..

Early mornings, late nights and rain!!

Mercifully much better weather today but no new babies yet, they save them up for grotty days.