Another corner turned

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Thanks to Keswick Lions and Rotary  for funding the purchase of the logs and thanks to Will and Gary for working tirelessly we now have some beck edges. Unbelievable that UU, the EA, the LDNPA and Friends of the Lake District  have refused us any help what so ever with flood restoration work.

284 days later

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Finally after months of disruption we can drive into the yard. Thank you N.F.U., A.L.Danes and Cubbys of Carlisle.  What a great team they have been.

We are now taking bookings  for the remainder of this year and next, so please feel free to share this…..


Thank you.

Nearly there!

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Absolutely fantastic… we nearly have a bridge… It’s just the farm road that needs attention.  We should be able to drive into the yard on Friday!!!