More activity

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It must be getting to that time of the year.   Our local WI met here last night and with the help of the wonderful Phil Bradley we created willow stars.  All sizes!  The chat and laughter was non stop so I think a good time was had by all.

If anyone would be interested in attending a willow workshop please message me and if we get sufficient numbers we could organise one.

A busy week

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We’ve had a busy week this week creating…. Christmas tree decorations for a craft fair next weekend.  It’s a year since playing with clay, but we soon got the hang of it again… it’s remembering what the glazes do  and the colours they turn out.  The results are fine.  It’s so exciting when you open up the kiln.. you never really know what you’ll find!


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The colours are still wonderful and we’ve actually had some drier weather this last couple of weeks.   We have vacancies in the self catering and we will do short breaks at this time of the year even though I can’t get the book now button to do them.. Just e mail me!!!  We wold love to see you.


The Tea Garden will be going on to the self service and honesty box system shortly.. but I will still be baking so there sill be cake!


Happy November everyone!