Christmas Felting

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We are hosting 2 Christmas felting courses  on 21st and 26th November.  Felting Christmas baubles and fairy lights too. why not come along and join us for a day of excellent tuition (See Jane makes on Facebook.. If I wasn’t such a Luddite I’d be able to put a link in!) and fun!

Book for next year!!!

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I know we have been rather quiet of late with website activity.. part of the problem is I’m a technophobe and the other problem is we have been quite busy!  (Which is of course good)  However, I’m pleased to say that I have now updated the calendar and next year’s dates are available for bookings.  We look forward to welcoming you to the farm in 2019.

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January has been a busy month.  We’ve  managed to achieve a lot…. A new skylight in the camping barn, and new, powerful shower in the Hayloft.  We’ve put loads more insulation in the loft too so it should retain it’s heat better. The marmalade has been made and the fruit spirits bottled.

The front porch has decided it needs urgent attention… We’ve know for years.. but with foot and mouth and 3 floods to recover from somehow it never hit the top of the list… Well it has now!  so watch this space (but not too closely!)

Will has made steps into the original garden where I’m hoping to plant raspberries eventually.

The hens are laying and there’s snow on the tops.  The year has turned.

Merry Christmas

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Here at the farm we are relaxing into Christmas.  The Nativity is this afternoon and that is the real start of celebrations for us. The carol singing was a huge success this year.  3 nights out and about up and down the valley and the surrounding area raising money for Hospice at Home. The cake is yet uniced and the turkey needs some adjustment to fit in the oven…but hey.. there’s hours yet to go… oh and a few presents to wrap …

The Tea Garden will be operating on a self service and honesty box system over the holidays but I will be baking so there will be cake!

We look forward to seeing you in 2018

Have a happy, healthy Christmas and a peaceful New Year.

From all of us at Low Bridge End.

Thank You Carlisle Ramblers

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The Carlisle Ramblers came for their annual Christmas party.  We welcomed many old faces and some new.  I made cheese scones, scones with rum butter, fairy cakes, ginger bread, chocolate caramel shortbread and of course mince pies.  Everybody seemed to have a good time.  Indeed one lovely person commented when she was leaving, that it was the best afternoon tea she had ever had!  Thank you lovely lady!

I never charge for this event, but I do ask for a donation for Eden Valley Hospice.  This year I can give then £104.  Thank You Carlisle Ramblers.

Christmas is coming!

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To brighten up our dark nights Jamie decided to light up the bridge.    The reflections on the bridge are lovely!

Don’t forget to come for a Christmas Tree. Although if you want to cut your own it is best to come in daylight.

More Christmas decorations are in the kiln as I type.. I’ll see the results tomorrow.

More activity

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It must be getting to that time of the year.   Our local WI met here last night and with the help of the wonderful Phil Bradley we created willow stars.  All sizes!  The chat and laughter was non stop so I think a good time was had by all.

If anyone would be interested in attending a willow workshop please message me and if we get sufficient numbers we could organise one.

A busy week

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We’ve had a busy week this week creating…. Christmas tree decorations for a craft fair next weekend.  It’s a year since playing with clay, but we soon got the hang of it again… it’s remembering what the glazes do  and the colours they turn out.  The results are fine.  It’s so exciting when you open up the kiln.. you never really know what you’ll find!


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The colours are still wonderful and we’ve actually had some drier weather this last couple of weeks.   We have vacancies in the self catering and we will do short breaks at this time of the year even though I can’t get the book now button to do them.. Just e mail me!!!  We wold love to see you.


The Tea Garden will be going on to the self service and honesty box system shortly.. but I will still be baking so there sill be cake!


Happy November everyone!

Friendly sheep!

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Somehow, the sheep always understand you and never disagree with you (apart from when they don’t want to do something!). This one is a particularly friendly Herdwick.